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Procedure text – How to Make Fried Rice

18 Dec

How to Make Fried Rice


White Rice that’s previously been cooked and
Two Carrots.
1/2 an Onion.
3 Eggs.
Beef Bullion.
Black Pepper.
Garlic Powder.
Ground Ginger.
Soy Sauce.
Vegetable Oil.
Shrimp,Chicken,and/or pork/tofu(optional)
1. Put about 6 cups of rice into your rice cooker. Let it steam
until it is ready.
2. Wash the vegetables. Then, dice the carrots and onions into
small pieces. Set them aside for the next step.
3. Add oil and heat up the pan to 100 degrees.
4. Toss the vegetables into the pan for about 3 minutes. Then
toss in the carrots and onions for 3 minutes with the
vegetables. Add the 1 teaspoon of salt into the pan.
5. Boil the chicken or shrimp with the rest of the ingredients
6. Put a bit more oil into the frying pan.
7. Toss the rice in carefully.
8. Add an egg and scramble with the other ingredients. Add
approximately 2 to 3 tablespoons of soy sauce while frying.
9. Put fried rice on a dish and it’s ready to serve !